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Maxilla Air™

MaxillaAir™ is an inflatable neck collar designed to improve the dignity and workflow in preparing the deceased for the final goodbye. This is achieved by gently closing the mouth of the deceased, as well as standardizing and streamlining the process for healthcare professionals.

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Benefits of MaxillaAir™
— Easy to apply
— Aesthetic solution
— Time-saving
— Minimizes marks on the skin
— Can be adjusted to individual needs

Customer testimonials

"Our employees have been really happy with Maxilla Air. It is easy to use and does not leave marks like the brace we used before.”
Louisa Olsen, Elmely Nursing Home.

"Throughout the twenty years I have worked in the trade, I have never experienced such a good product, it is worthy and they got such a nice shape."
SSA, Aalborg University Hospital


How it works

Why use MaxillaAir™

— Easy to apply
— Aesthetic solution
— Time-saving
— Minimizes marks on the skin


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Our products bridge the gap between high-quality and the constant demand for savings. At the same time, we ensure high standard for both safety, ease of use and sustainability.

Supporting Healthcare

By delivering accessible products, we help healthcare professionals save time and focus on what matters most: providing quality care to their patients.


Because we work all the way from treatment to product development, we’re uniquely positioned to stay ahead, finding product efficiencies that move care forward.

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